General questions

Do I need Wilcom Embroidery Studio to use Sheer Custom?

Sheer Custom is designed to work with Wilcom Embroidery Studio EMB design files. Strictly speaking you do not need a Wilcom subscription to add EMB files to the Sheer Custom plugin. However, if you wish to create your own custom embroidery designs then we highly recommend Wilcom Embroidery Studio for creating professional quality EMB files.

Do I need a Credit Card to sign up for a Free Trial?

No. You do not need a credit card to sign-up for a Free Trial of Sheer Custom. The trial will last 14 days or when 100 API calls have been used (whichever is sooner).

There is no obligation to continue when the trial has ended, although you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans to continue using the service.

Is there any minimum contract period for Paid Plans?

No. If you decide that Sheer Custom is not for you can cancel the subscription at any time.

When the subscription is cancelled, no further charges will be applied and and your account will remain active until the next billing date.

After this date, you will no longer be able to access the Customizer or plugin admin.

How do I upgrade/ downgrade my Subscription?

Log into your account and there you will find options to manage your subscription, including upgrade, downgrade and cancellation.

When is your Shopify App Launching?

We intend to launch our Shopify app in Summer 2023.

Do you offer a print customizer?

We have a print customizer on our roadmap and intend to launch this in the future. The print customizer will be free to all Embroidery plugin subscribers.

What are the additional API costs for Logo Digitization?

There are three possible API calls for each logo Digitization – the costs per API call as follows:

  1. Artwork Preview: $0.20
  2. Artwork Trueview: $0.60
  3. Artwork Design: $0.85

API Calls are metered with the monthly cost added on to the Subscription cost.  API calls used are displayed in real-time in the app Dashboard and can be viewed at any time.

We recommend store owners consider making the logo digitization option available only for logged in customers to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Is the Digitized Artwork file production ready?

This depends on the quality of the file uploaded. Generally, SVG or EPS source files are more likely to generate a file requiring relatively small stitching adjustments. Lower resolution JPEG’s and PNG’s may require opening the EMB file generated and adjusting the stitching. Nevertheless, we recommend embroiderers always check digitized files carefully before using in production.

Technical Questions

Is Sheer Custom Suitable for Workwear Embroiderers?

Yes, if you are selling directly in your WooCommerce store then it is possible to create a single customization per product or bundles of products. We are also looking for feedback from Workwear companies on how we can best adapt the Embroidery plugin for their needs – so please get in touch.

Can I create Embroidery Designs comprising multiple EMB templates?

Yes it is possible to create groups of templates to form a single design. For example – if you have a “Name” template and you want this to have one, two and three line options.

Can I add multiple customizations to a product?

Yes with our split template option you can add multiple EMB customizations to a product and these are combined a single UI making it easy for your customers to personalize their item.

Can a customer customize different placements (front, back etc)?

Yes, you can set any embroidery placements you choose with granular control of the pricing of customizations for those placements / placement combinations.

What to customers receive when they have checkout out?

Customers receive a snapshot image of their customization as well as all of the parameters of the customization. It’s possible to add a notice your customer order notifications to prompt them to check the designs carefully prior to production.

Store Owners also receive all of the above, and the EMB file for the customization ready for production.