Woocommerce Embroidery Personalization Plugin for Apparel

Bring your creativity to life by giving customer’s the option to personalize their apparel with true-view previews of Wilcom embroidery designs on products in your Woocommerce store.

The Sheer Custom WooCommerce customizer plugin can be installed in any Woocommerce Store, allowing store owners to completely tailor the customizer experience on each product page with an easy-to-use admin.

Customers receive a snapshot preview of submitted designs to check pre-production, and store owners receive production ready files to quickly and accurately fulfil orders. The best part: we offer a free trial so you can road test our product personalizer with zero outlay.


Boost growth & productivity

Range of options

WooCommerce plugin with a flexible range of customization options

Save developer effort

Developers save over 200 hrs of work with a ready made customiser

Up and running within minutes

Install, configure and be up and running within minutes

Logo Digitization option for business to business apparel decorators

  • Logo upload for embroidery digitisation
  • Volume orders for teams
  • Combine logo decoration with pre-defined templates
  • Production ready files generated with order
  • Preview image sent to customer to check for errors
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Style your customiser

Customize the look and feel of the personalizer user interface

Centralised admin

easy-to-use admin for managing large numbers of products


Fully compatible with Wilcom Embroidery Studio EMB file format

Get inspired

Share your passion

Use your creativity & our customizer to give your clients beautifully personalized products that will grow your business!

Plans & Pricing

Pay only for what you use

Free Trial (30 Days)
  • 100 free API calls for testing purposes
  • No card required, no minimum obligation – cancel at any time

More API calls are required where real-time preview is used
Save on API calls with our grouped API call setting

*Logo Digitization API calls are an additional cost – see FAQ’s





API Calls per month*



API Calls per month*



API Calls per month*




API Calls per month*



API Calls per month*

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