Add New Embroidery Design

Add New Embroidery Design

  1. Click “Add New Design
  2. Give your Embroidery Design a Name
  3. Add a thumbnail if the design comprises multiple EMB’s (not necessary for a single EMB design)
  4. Add the Font’s and Threads you want to make available for the design.

First, make sure you have added the fonts and threads used in the EMB in fonts and threads in General Settings

  1. Add the Design Categories you want the Design to belong to (this will determine where it displays in the front end)

First, make sure you have added the Design Categories you want as per the previous step

  1. Click “Add New Template” and select the EMB template you want to upload from your computer
  2. Click “Modify Settings” > then modify the settings as required > then “Save Embroidery Design” (top of the page)

You can change the display order of the Lines on the front end by clicking the cross icon and dragging the Lines into your preferred order – this may be necessary if you created your Lettering Objects in Wilcom in a different order to how they appear in the design.

You can modify the default display text that will display for the EMB in the front end, as well as the default font and thread

You can also exclude font and thread choices on the front-end for the entire template or individual lines

You can enforce character limits for each line (to avoid the user “breaking” the design where the name would be too long)

For each line, you can also stop the user from changing the font or thread colour by checking the box of “…not changeable”

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