Welcome to Sheer Custom

Sheer Custom was founded in 2021 by the award winning team behind Clutch 5 Star rated British-Latvian digital agency “Sheer Digital”. The Sheer Custom user experience has evolved from Sheer Digital’s several years of working with Clients in the Embroidery industry.

Our design ethos is to consistently apply simplicity to every step in the product customization process. We believe that in the new, post-Covid world – giving customers the option to personalize their products online is one of the best ways to differentiate and grow your business.

With a robust and easy to use admin, you can be up and running with Sheer Custom in minutes without the need to pay thousands of dollars for a developer. With print, monogram, logo digitization and Shopify all on our roadmap you can be sure of a solution that continues to innovate in the online apparel customization space. With a comprehensive set of documentation in our Help Centre and responsive customer support you can take your business the next leveL We’re looking forward to working with you!

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