Hear from our CEO in a Q&A with Wilcom Product Blog

Sheer Custom was featured in a Wilcom Blog article recently. The article is a Q&A with Sheer Custom Founder & CEO David Dawkins who explains how the Wilcom Embroidery API technology can help apparel decorators differentiate their businesses.

Janos Horvath, VP International Sales who manages the Wilcom EWA sales and support said:

“We get lots of inquiries from potential EWA customers who have eCommerce websites hosted on platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, etc., and they need software development help to integrate the EWA into those platform environments. We think that Sheer Custom can add value to our product, especially in this area, where the customer’s infrastructure is almost ready to implement our EWA product.”

David Dawkins, CEO Sheer Custom said:

“Above all, the Sheer Custom platform can help with differentiation. For example, by focusing your store on a niche using your creativity, it is possible to create exciting new propositions with opportunities for profitable growth. With a range of subscription plans and an easy-to-install and configure the plugin. The only limit is your imagination”.

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