Join the Sheer Custom Affiliate Program and Earn 20% Commission on each Referral for 12 Months

Are you in the embroidery design, distribution, or digitization sector? Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, there’s always a new way to diversify your income streams and reach a wider audience. Today, we’re introducing an exciting opportunity to additional earn income combined with an attractive saving for your customers with the Sheer Custom affiliate program.

The Revolutionary Tool for E-commerce Enabled Embroidery

With Sheer Custom’s innovative online preview tool, e-commerce customers can effortlessly personalize embroidery designs and see an on-product preview before they make a purchase. A seamless experience for customers and an excellent selling point for apparel decoration businesses!

Perks of Joining Us:

  • High Commissions: Earn a whopping 20% commission on monthly subscription fees generated through your referral links for a full year.
  • Marketing Materials: Utilize our high-quality images and blog content to engage and inform your audience about Sheer Custom.
  • Affiliate Support: A dedicated affiliate manager is just an email away to help you track sales, offer assistance with commission payouts, and address queries.

How Does It Work?

  • Register with the affiliate program here.
  • Promote by adding your unique referral link to your website and sharing it with your customers.
  • Reap Rewards as your referrals sign up for Sheer Custom. They get a 15% discount, and you enjoy a 20% commission for 12 months.

Your Earning Potential:

Imagine earning $700+ from just one referral if they opt for our Growth plan. The sky’s the limit!

Additional Benefits

  • Hassle-Free Earnings: Receive your earnings directly in your PayPal account every month (with a initial 45-day delay to cater for refunds/chargebacks).
  • Extended Cookie Duration: Our 60-day cookie duration ensures that you won’t miss out on commissions from late converters.
  • Bonus Discounts: Your referrals get an additional 15% off their first payment.

Become the Game Changer

Spread the word about a platform that revolutionizes the way businesses and customers interact with embroidery designs. Sign up for our affiliate program and let’s embroider our way to mutual success!

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