Curate a range of Personalized Products sourced from any Shopify Store

One of the criticisms that can be levelled at many apparel decorators is the middle of road range of apparel brands they offer. Many of these brands do not appeal to younger audiences such as Gen Z. With technological advancements it is now possible to source new and exciting brands from any Shopify store without the need to hold inventory. In this article we discuss how this technology can be leveraged by embroiderers to create a store comprising a range of curated products from Shopify Brands (including thrift or second hand apparel).

Most embroiderers located in cities are within a 50 mile vicinity of a number of e-commerce fashion brands selling on the Shopify platform. By establishing a relationship with these brands as a personalization supplier it is now possible for embroiderer’s to populate a specially designed store with any products available on the Shopify platform. Furthermore, it is possible to add a mark-up to these items with payment automatically distributed between the store owner and the embroiderer.

The basic premise is the embroiderer’s store (comprising products from other Shopify stores) is marketed separately, or a link to the personalised version of the product is added to the Shopify retailers product page (this would need to be agreed with the Shopify store owner)

The customer journey as follows:

  1. The customer finds the product and personalizes their item in the embroiderers store using the Sheer Custom customizer
  1. The customer is charged the product cost + embroidery cost (which includes inward and outward shipping cost) in the embroiderers store
  1. The order goes directly to the Shopify retailer with a note to send the item to embroiderer (the embroiderer and the retailer are located in relatively close proximity to reduce carbon footprint)
  1. The item(s) are dispatched by the Shopify Retailer [couriered across town] to the embroiderer, embroidered and shipped to the customer
  1. The Shopify Retailer and customer are notified of dispatch 

Benefits for the Customer

  • Personalized embroidered fashion from their favourite brands (no mass produced nondescript generic T’s with prints)
  • Option to personalise thrift/ second-hand/ used clothing items and reduce carbon footprint

Benefits for the Shopify retailer 

  • An additional sales channel/ product differentiation
  • Additional sales
  • Remain specialised in fashion without starting a “cottage industry” in embroidery

Benefits for the Embroiderer

  • Additional revenue stream from local fashion e-tailers
  • Remain specialised with embroidery avoiding the headache of managing inventory

Sheer Custom can deliver the store model above in partnership with their sister company Sheer Digital which specializes in websites, ecommerce and web applications. Please get in touch to discuss how to power your embroidery business with  latest in technology. In combination with Sheer Custom this new model can take your productivity and growth to the next level.  

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